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Matt Young is an itinerant minister who desires to lead people into their fullness of expression as a son of God. As a biblical teacher, Matt helps advance others to boldly live in the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit. Whether he’s discussing heavenly mysteries, teaching about seer abilities or foundational elements of salvation, Matt’s relational styles creates a new paradigm and awareness for each person. Matt leads people into recognizing the truth of who they’re created to be and how to release that on earth.

Matt Young’s past experience as a youth pastor, addiction counselor and life coach have provided a wide range of wisdom for individuals and families. Following his role as a youth pastor, Matt began his itinerant ministry and founded Engage the Nations. He currently leads mission trips to countries around the world, speaks in churches and at private gatherings. Matt especially enjoys teaching on discernment and unfolding the seer ability.

Matt is married with 2 children and loves spending time with his family.

You can find Matt's weekly Friday teachings at 4 PM PST  on Youtube and Facebook.

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To schedule Matt Young to speak at your church or gathering, click here or follow the link above!

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