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Here we go! We’re building a SCHOOL. Will you help us?

Our initial fundraising goal of 10K in May was beyond successful!

Malawi is the 6th poorest nation in the world. Over half of the population lives below the poverty line. You can help! Education is one of the critical pathways to improve living conditions in the nation.

Only 35% of children in Malawi complete primary school, even though this education is free. The teacher to student ratios are very unbalanced, due to the expense of hiring new teachers. While there are many challenges and inadequacies at the primary school level, it is the only government funded education in Malawi.

What do 12 year old students do after primary school? The streets become dangerous. We are building a high school (for students age 13-24) in Dowa, Malawi. Access to schooling helps families in many ways. It is a need! Education enhances literacy, business opportunities, qualification for jobs, and protects children from young marriage or physical harm on the streets.

Join us! Phase One of our school development will cost nearly $80,000 for the buildings needed. We invite you to contribute!

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