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"We are so grateful for Matt. Through his teachings, we not only learned a lot, but also fell in love with Lord Jesus more and more. Knowing more about the heavenlies, spirit realms, etc. has given us confirmations of our life experiences and freed us from thinking or doubting, "maybe this is just me or this is crazy..."               

Now, since there are no longer restrictions due to false thinking or doubt, we are able to engage with the Lord more and more. What a wonderful, amazing God we have. We praise God for a brother and teacher like Matt in the body of Christ."

                     -Edward & Shirley, Washington, USA

"I attended Matt's 9 month Supernatural School. I had very little understanding or experience with the supernatural prior to that as I had mostly been in mainstream conservative churches. Matt's teachings expanded my understanding of who God is now to us as believers and helped me to explore and experience more depth in my own relationship with God and my identity in Him. I've also learned so much about the realities of heaven and what we can enjoy now! This has all made a big difference in my life and I've grown spiritually in ways I never knew existed."        

                       -M.M., Washington, USA

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