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"The reason I went on the [Uganda Mission] trip was that I didn't want my wife to go 'alone' and I felt it would be a good experience for us. Unfortunately, my decision to go to Uganda was based on fear and insecurities. However, the Lord had a plan to change me and my marriage on this trip. Within a few days of arriving, I could feel the Lord pulling at my heart-strings. God was using the people of Uganda to soften my heart that had been hardened over many years. 

The change in me was overwhelming my wife, I felt like I was smothering her but I couldn't help myself! I thought this change in me was temporary and it would wear off eventually. But it didn't. Since then, our marriage has thrived beyond all expectations. And yesterday my oldest daughter, asked me what happened to me in Uganda, she told me that I am much "nicer" to Mama now.


Before we arrived in Uganda, Matt told us that we may not make any difference to the people we meet and minister to, but the difference and changes would be in ourselves. He could not have been more right. God created a change in me that will benefit my marriage and family forever. I am grateful that the Lord gave me the courage to go to Uganda and the faith to believe that He would bless us!"



"Going to Uganda was a step of faith, I had not met the team in person prior to our travels, and I was traveling there alone. But God knew, and he prepared such a wonderful team of people who embraced each other - different personalities & life experiences - and we had loads of fun. 


One month before our trip, the Lord gave me a dream. He showed me that I thought I was an introvert, but I was actually afraid of rejection, and my trip to Africa was going to be a time of learning to be myself.


We ministered at many churches around Uganda, and while there Matt Young had each of us involved in ways we hadn’t experienced before. I saw people healed and set free from oppression as we prayed for them, and I was able to preach and share prophetic words for people, too. One big realization for me was that I often hear God’s voice as a ‘knowing.’ It felt like permission to stop second guessing myself so much. 


The largest impact for me was having a time of nearly two weeks with freedom to be myself. Our moments as a team were spent talking, praying and getting to know one another. This set a space for me to feel safe and express myself freely without fear of what people might think of me. I laughed, danced and cried, and came home from the trip with new joy and sense of freedom. God told me in my dream that a fear of rejection was clamming me up, and I praise Him that Uganda was a special place for me to learn to let go and experience who I am created to be."

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I did not have a particular desire/call to go to Malawi but when I found out some other kids were going and my kids were interested, I thought “wait, they can’t go without me. I have been to 20 countries and my degree is in Intercultural Studies.” I then got excited to show and help them travel internationally and learn about cultures and to guide them to serve others.  My girls, ages 10 and 12 at the time, did so great! They were flexible and aware of others and were great at going with the flow without complaining. It was amazing. We all jumped right in. I went out of my comfort zone and gave a message multiple times. The girls showed so much joy in playing with the kids. We paired up after each service and prayed for the community members. It felt like God guided us to what prayers to pray for each person. It filled my heart to try and be a blessing to the local ministries and the community; I especially enjoyed talking with the local pastors' wives. 

I was so blessed by the trip and grateful for the opportunity to help enable and encourage my girls' ministering experience.

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